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Member I.T. Services

Note: Links on this page are restricted to members with Western Province domain accounts.

The Western Province...home of innovation...now provides
information technology (I.T.) services to chapters and province officials. The province has chosen Google Apps to provide its chapters with the following information technology (IT) services:
instant messaging
calendaring and meeting planning
website creation/hosting
document editing and sharing
    This application suite will be known as The Kloud, and will be used to encourage communication and collaboration among province leadership, chapters and members.
    Use the links below to access these tools:
    Private Intranet
    (a.k.a. "the kloud"*)
    For province officers, chapter polemarchs, chapter advisors, and other province officials.

    * "The cloud" is a metaphor for the internet; "cloud computing" is a way to create, save, and share information via any computer or mobile phone with internet access.
    Chapters can access their fraternity-related email here.
    [Insert instructions for setting up email forwarding here]
    Members can manage calendar items and create meeting invitations here.
    Members can collaborate in real time with word proceesing, spreadsheets, and presentation software here.
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