Western Province Historian, Stanley Stain


The Western Province has a rich history since its current iteration in 1925. The documentation we have today is due to the great work of my predecessors including Ed Shelton, Ernest Clayton, and Tim Lankford.

As time progresses, our history grows larger, yet its retention is subject to the ephemeral nature of life. Our task is to capture that history for perpetuity so that generations of brothers here in the west will have tangible artifacts that illustrate the reality of "One Kappa".

I ask for your assistance in this endeavor. Using twenty-first century collaboration tools, each member can contribute information regarding the history of his local chapters of initiation and membership.

Please take a moment to help us. Specifically, through the link below, you can do any of the following:

  • review existing information for accuracy
  • add important historical details to existing work
  • submit new information for recent chapters, or those who have yet to submit content

Link: Chapter Histories of the Western Province

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours in the Bond,

Stanley Stain

Western Province Historian