Fall 2012

Fall 2012 Western Province Cluster MOIP

Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles (LAX); November 30 & December 1, 2012

To download the weekend's schedule, click here.

The following information is for chapters who have submitted candidates for the Fall 2012 Western Province Cluster MOIP:


All candidates and their respective chapter representatives must sign in at the MOIP check-in desk on Friday, November 30th at 1:30 pm.

Please arrive at the hotel no later than 1:00 pm to check into your hotel room. Arrive at the MOIP check-in desk by 1:30 pm to begin signing in; the orientation activities will begin promptly at 2:30 pm.


Chapters must have their MOIP Coordinators and Chapter Advisors present at check-in with their candidates. Undergraduate chapters and their candidates WILL NOT be allowed to check-in without their Chapter Advisors, or a designee present.

If the Chapter Advisor cannot be present at check-in, they should email the MOIP coordinators and CC the Western Province Senior Vice Polemarch, indicating the reason they cannot attend and who their designee is. The email addresses are: Chairman Laurence Lewis (sirlewis69@sbcglobal.net), Chairman Kevin Willis (5kays@prodigy.net), Sr. Province Vice Polemarch Gilbert Brown (psnupe@gmail.com).


Chapters must be certified as "in good standing" in order to participate in MOIP. This requires that they are current with their insurance premiums and officers' reports, and have submitted all documentation that the Grand Chapter and Province require.

Chapters will not be allowed to participate in MOIP if they are delinquent with insurance premiums, officers' reports, or any mandatory Grand Chapter/Province documentation. If a chapter is currently delinquent in these matters, it must take care of these issues ASAP.


All candidates must be in the following attire:

  • Friday (testing): white dress shirt and beige/tan khakis
  • Saturday (ceremony): business attire = suit (or sports coat), shirt & tie. Also, all candidates must bring the following: a white t-shirt (no tank tops), a pair of white boxer shorts, and a pair of plain white socks.

MOIP Coordinators & Chapter Advisors should dress as follows:

  • Friday (testing): "Kappa Casual" (i.e. Kappa polo shirt & khakis; no t-shirts)
  • Saturday (ceremony): Crimson/Kappa blazers (preferred) or dark suit and crimson tie


Dinner will be provided on Wednesday evening at the hotel at no additional cost to candidates. If MOIP Coordinators/Chapter Advisors wish to participate in the dinner, they will need to purchase a meal by clicking on the PayPal link below:

Note: if paying for multiple diners at once, click the "continue shopping" button to return to this page and enter additional diner's names separately.

For planning purposes, meals must be purchased by Monday, November 26th. Only those Chapter Advisors/Chapter MOIP Coordinators who purchase a meal will be allowed to dine with the candidates.


Please contact the MOIP Coordinators if you have any questions. Brother Lewis can be reached at (916) 996-5719 or sirlewis69@sbcglobal.net, and Brother Willis can be reached at (805) 358-8680 or 5kays@prodigy.net.

Yours in the Bond,

Laurence Lewis & Kevin Willis

Western Province MOIP Chairmen