Province Polemarch's Corner

Timothy C. Woods24th Western Province Polemarch

I am humbled and excited to serve the brothers of this outstanding Province. As we start the 2019-2020 fraternal year, it is my expectation that we support the Grand Polemarch’s theme, “Brother to Brother, Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges.” The core values of this plan are integrity, respect, transparency, information sharing, benefits, dialogue, courage and candor, as well as protecting intake candidates, brothers and the Fraternity.

We will continue to support our collegiate brothers through mentoring and building partnerships with the alumni chapters as well as their colleges and universities. Collegiate brothers are our present and our future. If we are to be relevant in the 21st century we must protect them from those that would seek to destroy their existence.

The Western Province will have the honor of showcasing two of our Fraternity’s signature events over the next two years, the 15th National Founders Day to be held on January 2-5, 2020, in Las Vegas, NV and the 85th Grand Chapter Meeting, scheduled for July 12-18, 2021, in Phoenix, AZ. I have every confidence that we will once again show the rest of Kappa why we are known for our great hospitality.

Together, we will strive to make the Western Province a place Brothers want to come home to. We will do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.

Yours in the Bond,