You can make province payments online; it's safe and easy! 
Just click the buttons below to open a secure window and complete your payment. All you need is a valid credit card; a PayPal account is NOT required.

Note: If you would like to make a payment that is not listed below, it may require a special invoice. To request one, email the Keeper of Records & Exchequer at

Province Dues

Province dues are payable at the beginning of each fraternal year (October 1). Amounts below include an electronic transaction fee.

Individual dues:
To pay multiple members' dues electronically, request an invoice from the Keeper of Records & Exchequer, and complete the dues submission form, found here.

EHBPAS (2018)
Register below for the 28th Edgar H. Bishop Polemarch & Advisors' Summit, held August 24-26, 2018 in Sacramento, California. 

Additional details for the event will be posted as they come available.

Registration (early, by Aug 10)*
* WHEN PAYING FOR MORE THAN ONE REGISTRANT: Click the "continue shopping" button to add additional brothers & purchase additional registrations BEFORE checking out.

Support your undergrad chapter

Here is a way to support undergraduate participation in the fraternity though a deductible contribution to the Western Province Achievement Foundation.

Funds are managed by the Western Province to ensure that recipient chapters meet their responsibilities; click here to review the guidelines for distribution. Amounts include an electronic transaction fee.

Monthly contribution:

One-time contribution:
for one-time amounts of $100 or greater
Optional: After completing a one-time contribution, one may submit an email to specifying a recipient chapter.

Support W.P. Endowment Fund

The WPAF Endowment Fund was established to provide a permanent source of financial support for WPAF programs and initiatives.*

This endowment currently is set up to support educational scholarships. The endowment fund will follow all requirements of the WPAF Investment manual.

Please consider supporting the WPAF Endowment as we work together to improve our communities and the lives our youth.

WPAF Endowment Contribution:

* The fund is a restricted fund and only investment income (interest / appreciation) shall be used for program and initiative support. The principle is restricted from use.