About the Western Province

One of the original provinces established in 1925, the Western Province of Kappa Alpha Psi includes members in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Japan and South Korea.

Our history tells us that as Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity moved westward, many undergraduate chapters were chartered in states west of Mississippi River. On April 25, 1923 the fraternity chartered the Upsilon chapter on the campus of the University of California Los Angeles, the first chapter of the current Western Province. From 1923 to 1938, brothers who attended UCLA and remained in Los Angeles meet regularly and established the Los Angeles Alumni, chartered on August 8, 1938. The Los Angeles Alumni chapter continued to induct brothers through the Upsilon Chapter at both Undergraduate and Alumni levels. Two years later on August 28, 1941, the fraternity chartered Berkeley Alumni. 

The Provinces were formally called Regions/Districts. The fraternity held its 15th Grand Chapter Meeting December 26th thru 30th, 1925 in New York City. Grand Polemarch Earl B. Dickerson and the members assembled changed the designation of Regional Director to Province Polemarch. The first Polemarch of the Western Region/District--Judge Carl R. Johnson of Kansas City Missouri, and member of the Kansas City Alumni--served from 1925 until 1931. The second Province Polemarch was J.S. Hunnicut from Topeka, Kansas Alumni; he served from 1931-1932. 

During those early years of the fraternity's history, the Western Region/District extended no further west than the states of Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska except for the Upsilon Chapter at University of California Los Angeles. As chapters were established westward the Western Region/District expanded thus laid the foundation for the chapters which today make up the Western Province.

- Clayton, E. (2012). "Western Province History, First Edition".

Grand Polemarchs

Thomas J. Bradley: 1964-1967

Randall C. Bacon: 1985-1988

Robert L. Harris: 1991-1995

Laurel Wreath Laureates

Thomas J. Bradley (1974)

Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. (1999)

Randall C. Bacon (2001)

Robert L. Harris (2005)

Vice Adm. Edward Moore Jr., USN, Ret. (2023)

Elder Watson Diggs Awardees

Ulysses Plummer (1958)

Charles “Jack” Sudduth (1974)

James O. Whaley (1977)

James L. Bradford (1982)

Edgar H. Bishop Jr. (1983)

Peter Butler Jr. (1989)

Edward Shelton Jr. (1993)

Sterling Dover (1997)

Rhen C. Bass (2007)

Donald C. Bland (2009)

Curtis R. Silvers Jr. (2023)

Guy L. Grant Awardees

Joseph Jimerson (ΒΩ 1976)

Damon Barry (ΓΗ 1995)

Dramaine Irions (ΔΑ 2003)

Terry Allen (ΓΑ 2013)

Damariyé L. Smith (ΙΒ 2015)

Austyn Lee (ΓΙ 2023)

Province Polemarchs

Carl R. Johnson (Kansas City)

J. S. Hunnicut (Topeka)

W. G. H. Beckett (St. Louis)

Dr. J. G. Hatcher

Leon W. Steward (St. Louis)

John W. Brewer (Los Angeles)

Frank LaVigne (Los Angeles)

Thomas Bradley (Los Angeles)

Ulysses Plummer (Portland)

Charles Sudduth (Berkeley)

Robert F. Green (Los Angeles)

Charles Sudduth (Berkeley)

Randall C. Bacon (Los Angeles)

James O. Waley (San Diego)

Robert L. Harris (Berkeley)

Edward Shelton Jr. (Vallejo/Fairfield)

Mordecia Spriggs (Phoenix)

Edgar H. Bishop (Los Angeles)

David L. Mills (Seattle)

Kevin D. Kinsey (Los Angeles)

Curtis R. Silvers (Pasadena)

Samuel B. Knight (San Diego)

Gilbert D. Brown III (Los Angeles)

Timothy C. Woods (Phoenix)