Presentations, 77th WPC

Prerequisite tasks must be taken before a presentation can be displayed using the province's audio-video services, including but not limited to: quality control & assurance, verifying technical compatibility, renaming & organizing files for convenient access, adding placeholder slides, etc.

For this reason, presentations MUST be submitted in advance using the form below; the deadline to submit a presentation for the 77th Western Province Council is Friday, March 1, 2024.

Note, these submissions will only be used for on-site projection/presentation; they will not be published to the website, as vetting the privacy/confidentiality of their content is not in-scope.

Do not use the submission form more than once; this will only create the risk that the incorrect files are used! For questions or assistance (before the deadline), call or text Ed Sanders at 916.538.4283.


To ensure optimum results, please adhere to the following standards:


Use the following guidelines when naming files:

Think about the agenda...the speaker's name and topic is printed there, so use a short file name that allows the a/v volunteer to match the file to order of the agenda. For example, instead of "Kappa Alpha Psi 77th Western Province Council, New MTA Requirements for FY 2024-25", simply name your presentation "MTA"...this keeps it simple, since there is only one MTA presentation during the council! 


Submission Form

Click the button below to submit presentation files. The deadline is Friday, March 1, 2024.

Remember: read the guidelines above in their entirety before using the form.